Somethings just belong together

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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday  6th  April  2009

Somethings just belong together.

I was talking with a real estate salesperson just a couple of days ago as they were proudly placing a SOLD sign on their For Sale board outside the property they had just sold.

"I bet you are enjoying doing that?" I asked.

"Oh yes, and let me tell you sticking this sold sign up is the easiest part of this sale."

They then told me their story of how they had prospected this area for 3 years, had fought to win this listing, had worked with tough but fair vendors, had managed a marketing programme, found the best buyer and carefully managed a contract to completion.

"Sounds like you deserved that one?" I offered.

"Well, I did everything I should have I guess, so yes I did," he replied.

I refelected that so many things we take for granted are only the result of a lot of effort.

Effort that is planned and then executed with discipline and skill.

A bottle of wine, a bottle of milk, a woollen blanket, a blue cheese, a school camp etc are all the result of doing tasks that "Just belong together".

Miss a step and the result is not what you want, but a result none-the-less. The right result is made by doing those things that WE KNOW are necessary. Cut corners and your deal can run off the road.  

Quote for the Week

 "Bet you can't buy just one peanut?"


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Have a safe and happy Easter

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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