Reflect on their sacrifice

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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday  27th  April  2009

Reflect on their Sacrifice

Anzac Day seems to grow in tradition and its on that day we reflect and remember. I can recall as a 5 year old in New Plymouth going to the Anzac Parade and service. The sacrifice of those who never came back was remembered. But what I remember is the number of veterans who marched with crutches as they had one leg, those with one arm, those in wheel chairs and those with scars and on-going injuries.  Stoically they marched and I have never forgotten those scenes.

This weekend we saw such scenes again, especially in TV documentaries and at the services. It is a moment to reflect on their sacrifice and hardships. It puts so many things in perspective doesn't it? So how bad is it really, that you didn't make a sale, that the buyer changed their mind, your vendor listed with someone else, your buyer bought the other property? Yes they are all important and can cause some stress but hardly life threatening. Do we take it all too seriously?

This week enjoy the freedom you have, appreciate all the good things you have and wear that smile. Its contagious!   

  Quote for the Week

 "Courage is being scared to death - but saddling up anyway"
John Wayne

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Have an awesome week [name] and add that smile to your repertoire this week. It isn't really that bad.

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