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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday  3th May 2009.

You've done the Practice - now play the game.

Over the weekend I happened to see a couple of games of sport on TV. In one game the commentatotors talked of those players left out of the squad. Yes after all that practice and rehearsal they were not going to get to play. Others were on the bench, they didn't take the field at the start of the game, but were in reserve to replace non-performing or injured players. They too had practiced and rehearsed but didn't get a full game. The simple conclusion is that only those on the field get to score points.

Real estate salespeople are so lucky. They all get to play as often as they like. They all get to take the field, its a game for all players. The salespeople who have practiced and rehearsed the best, score the most points too.

Check your scoreboard. If you don't have enough points on the board its back to practice, rehearsal and playing out of your skin. 

Take to the field this week! Play hard, play fair, with integrity, and aim to play the full game.

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Have winning week [name] and put that new listing in the system.

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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