Start changing NOW - it's exciting!

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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 15th June 2009.

Start Changing NOW - it's exciting!

The New Zealand real estate  industry has three big challenges and they are all here NOW.

1. The residential market is desperately short of new listings. Not enough to keep all the sales team focused on providing service to vendors. This means pressure in offices from those focusing on buyers to access your new listings for their buyers. Apart from the subsequent drop in market presence it provides a real risk that a seller could have real concerns about a lack of exposure to the best the market might provide. I suggest the new legislative regime will cause you to consider this ill-sighted strategy as you run the risk of being accused of  being fee focused and not customer focused. Apart from the obvious ethical questions raised here, you also reduce  your exposure to the market and run the risk of not meeting as many active clients that you could - one of them could be your next listing! Stop allowing those sales people with no listings, who are focusing on buyers, to dictate the marketing terms of your next listing. Give them access the same day you have access, that's the day the marketing starts! If you really want to control the pace of offers use Tender or Auction - will not be sold prior.

2. In-House Market activity rules written in the 80's to protect salespeople; protect the incompetent, protect the in-active and frustrate the very salepeople who can cope in this market. It's now past the time where this was at last broken down. Your competitors can compete with you and apparently that's fair. But in-house we tend to protect our patch.  In this market we need more internal competition, open and fair, honest and ethical, professional and non-combative. This will make us all work harder, smarter and wiser. If you have the skills and do the work you will always be okay, so long as you adapt as the market place changes. If you simply expect results because your name is on it, look out as your office is losing out.

3. The new Legislation which arrives in November. This is not a wait and see moment.  If you haven't read the new act thoroughly then it's TIME. Have you already developed your service standards plan, your compliance strategy, your  training plan? Yes training in real skills will become a huge emphasis.  We have an opportunity to take advantage of the freedom this act now provides; to excel at a new service standard and quality that goes beyond anything we have seen before. Yes many talk of the punitive penalties the new authority has the power to employ but few talk of seizing the opportunities to excel which this change really provides. November opens an exciting door - the current challenges in this tough listing market, provide us with an ideal opportunity to show how we can adapt. Because those who want to stay in the future. will need to. 

Quote for the Week

"I don't know the recipe for success, but the recipe for failure is to keep everybody happy"

Bill Cosby

The Winning Listings Challenge continues?

By now you will know we are having great success for our clients using our Prospecting Power programme. Yes it is  very clear; the more focused and consistent your Prospecting is, the more people you get to talk with, and the more opportunities you uncover. It's about having a plan, something to use to market you and the discpline to keep doing what needs to be done. If you are facing challenges in maintaining your listings base, then the $25 a month fee for our programme is awesome value. Maybe it's time you invested $25 a month and got back on track finding those listing opportunities.

Visit view a short video and see some simple solutions to getting you in the market and keeping you focused and consistent. 

Call me for more information on 021 968 108 or ask for samples by

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Have truly awesome week [name] take a look at your office "Get more Listings Plan".

We must all listing a new listing this week. We can't sell it, if we haven't got it listed.

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