The Power of Focus

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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 27th July 2009.

Focus amidst adversity

Although a real estate career is very exciting there are times we come up against adversity. It could be that client who is finding reasons not to commit and are holding off on listing that home which you know would create a great deal of interest and a premium price for them. It could be colleagues who have decided to hibernate for the winter and can't understand why your business is steadily moving forward. It could be a family member who is under pressure and demands immediate attention from you to help create a solution.

It takes courage and focus to rise above this. You can allow these problems to control your thinking and divert you from your vision or you can simply say "next" and move forward with the goals you have created for yourself. Don't be mistaken, these things are very real and need to be dealt with and resolved. That client will eventually come to the market and if you are vigilant with your contact and courteous in your behaviour you will be their agent of choice. Your colleagues need to manage their own reactions and nothing you can say or do can change that. The family member of course needs consideration, however talk it through and instead of feeling guilty about not being available at their designated time, make a time instead to spend time with them outside of your work schedule.

Balance is the key - this week FOCUS on those things that are important. Some won't be work, but left unattended they will interfere in your work. Be strong in your focus. What others focus on is their responsibility.

Quote for the Week

"By courage I repel adversity"


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