Is it a plan or just a good idea?

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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 10th August 2009.

It it plan or just a good idea?

In recent weeks I have had the pleasure of seeing many salespeople make great strides as they convert ideas into actions. They come along to training or coaching sessions open-minded, ready to grow and make the changes this market demands. It is very gratifying and it makes me proud that I may have helped in some-way. We shared ideas and strategies, we helped with skill and technique, however their success was their success because they put the ideas into a plan and took action. 

What is mystifying is 2 very puzzling groups. Those offered training, sometimes for free, who choose to not go despite lack of obvious success and those who go, but leave the training as a set of ideas but take no action, make no plan. These people are always looking for someone new or something new, when to date they have not yet taken action on what they have already been offered.

What's your idea for more success this week?

Are you sure this is a great idea? Will this idea work? Do you know how to do it? Have you the tools? Have you made the time?

If the answer to these questions is yes then make an action plan NOW and DO IT! It seems pointless to leave it as an idea only.

So ask yourself; "Is it a plan or just an idea?"  

Quote for the Week

"A good idea superbly executed NOW, is better than a perfect plan next week "

George  Patton (1888 - 1945)

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