Your qualities make the difference

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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 31st August 2009.

Your qualities make the difference.

Some things just happen and they always will.

Lambs, calves and blossoms come every spring. Snow comes every winter.

The lakes make news when empty and now they are full to overflowing, we take them for granted.

Wet days follow sunny days and vice versa. There are so many things that just happen They just always do. You can't change the cycles, that's a waste of energy. But you can do what you are best at. You always have that option.

We may know our faults, but we must know our qualities too.

Colleagues complain of others having more opportunities. People find fault all around them, with others and with us.

We mustn't be paralysed by this. We must make the most of our own virtues and qualities. 

What are you best at? What strengths do you have? What can you truly rely on?

Take your greatest skills and talents and be inspired to achieve your own goals, not somebody else's. Be inspired by your own goals, by inspirational leadership, by an inspirational environment, by your own faith in your own virtues and qualities.  Don't allow compromise to hold you back.

Sacrificing your virtues or being seen to do what is acceptable/expected to "fit in", will only lead to defeat.  The true test of your qualities is having not suceeded this time, having the courage to start all over again - only this time with more wisdom.   

Quote for the Week

"...He knows that without inspiration and experience, no amount of training will help him"

Paul Coelho

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