Inspirations from the past

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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 31st August 2009.

Inspirations from the past.

Yesterday was Father's Day and my youngest son picked me up at 3pm as he had promised.

It was a brief but enjoyable time sharing tales of the past - from his childhood, from my early fatherhood. We talked of others from those times and laughed at some of the memories, felt saddened by others. Not all of the past was memorable but it is all remembered. We reminisced for hours and on parting we were reminded that we shared that past, were bound by it and we owed that past the respect of more frequent contact.

We talked too of past friends, past colleagues and distant family members.

We laughed at many of these memories, the fun and energetic times, then talked of who we would each attempt to touch base with this week. 

Yes so much is lost when we get busy, hear stories and make judgements. The good memories have inspired us to look past these judgements, the geographical distance, the time separation and make contact again.

This inspiration I am also going to use in my work. The lost client, the clients I forgot, the past colleague I have lost contact with. The good memories have inspired us to take action, to look past any possible discomfort and to give the friendship or business relationship an opportunity.

Who could you make a break-through with this week?      

 Quote for the Week

"...In order to have faith in his own path, he does need to 

prove that someone elses path is wrong"

Paul Coelho : Manual of the Warrior of Light

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