Game Plan beats Passion

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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 30th November, 2009.

Game Plan beats Passion

I watched the All Blacks beat France this morning and how the game played out was a reminder that you can start with passion and commitment like the French, but a well thought out game plan, well executed with belief, patience and skill will win. In some ways the French had the upper hand for a few minutes as their passion and enthusiasm was at a high level, so high they left their game plan behind. The All Blacks had a Game Plan. They knew they had skill and fitness. They knew there was 80 minutes.

They had a passion for their plan, as much as they also knew the French would use passion at the start. 

The Game Plan won out on the day as it had structure, intent, commitment and belief. 

In your business you need passion. However, it makes more sense to passionately apply your plan and skills. Do not depend on passion for the job only. 

     Quote for the Week 

"Judgement, not passion, should prevail"


Make this a week of passionate application to your plan.


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