Resolutions Need ACTION

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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 18th January 2010, the first for the year.

Resolutions need ACTION

Many of us use the time over summer when we have our break to reflect and make resolutions about doing things better or differently. These may be personal or business resolutions - let's be really clear and call them goals.

Do you remember last year's? What happened? For some of you they will have become a reality you can be proud of. Some will know they went by the way-side and a few won't want to remember.

For those who achieved, congratulations and you have earnt the respect and rewards you are enjoying. You obviously know the secret. Goals need to be not just written down. They need a step by step plan, they need a resolution to action.

And what's special about those who achieved? Well they know about action. 

Look at your goals today. Which one already has a plan? Which one is already in action? The goals don't take long to write down. The plan is easy to write down too.

Once you have done that, stand up and "MOVE YOUR FEET!" Take action. Only by "moving your feet"  will things change. Plan this week's steps then leave your footprints on your plan.

        Quote for the Week
"Nothing happens until you move your feet."
Ian Keightley


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In house Training: 1 Day sessions with individual or groups of offices are proving popular again and this is the best time of the year to get the team Kick-started. Set new skills in place, increase team prospecting, increase vendor Marketing Investment, win more listings. Contact me for full day and half day rates, and available dates.

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