I need a new belt.

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Hi [name][ and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 8th February 2010

I need a new belt!

Everytime we make a decision there is a consequence and often you forget to plan for those.

Just 19 days ago I decided to make sure my health and fitness were looked after better than usual and I have been very strict on myself as regards exercise and diet. It only took 3 days to start seeing an impact and today I am 5.6kg lighter than 19 days ago.  Yes I made a decison, took action and stuck with it. I am pleased with the result to date and whilst there is more to go I look forward to the  benefits of greater fitness and even more energy. Today I found my belt had no more holes left and I now need a new belt.  So my next puchase is a new belt and I plan to maintain the pressure by making it one that will still cope in a few weeks when it can be tightened even further. Now I have told you, I clearly need to persist!

The change in 3 weeks is pleasing and already the effect of greater discipline in one area of my life is iimpacting on my work.  I have more energy, I have a greater focus and I have greater clarity. So more focus in one part of our lives can have a positive effect in another. Perhaps we need to look where we can place greater focus first, where we feel more comfortable and use the attitudinal or energy change in another part of our lives. So what could you change this week and where could that have an impact. I think mine is much greater than a new belt but I will enjoy the moment. A positive consequence I hadn't planned, for but motivating nonetheless.      

                   Quote for the Week

"We are made to persist. That's how we find out who we are."
  Tobias Wolff
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