Courage brings added rewards

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Hi[name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 22nd  February 2010

Courage brings added rewards 

In recent days I have witnessed someone close, show tremendous courage and come out the other side so much stronger. The details of the event and experience are for another time but the outcome is one I have to share.

Challenged with fears, we may avoid, procrastinate, back-out, modify, wait another day or simply face the fear anyway.

We may also ask for support, guidance, coaching, love and tips before making the leap.

What I witnessed was a true facing of the fear, the collecting of the courage, the event itself and the outcome. I am proud of what I saw and the one who faced the fear with true courage has achieved added rewards. I see at least 3 rewards:

1. That fear is now eliminated from that friend's life for all time

2. My friend has a tremdenous feeling of accomplishment, pride and a strong ego based on what's right. Their self-respect has grown immeasurably.

3. They have earnt the respect of loved ones, friends and strangers. 

This week face one of your fears with courage. Whether it is that question you have yet to ask, that client you have yet to face, that sale you have yet to close, that course you need to enroll for, the loved one you must confess to, the speech you must make, that admission or apology you know you owe, that knowledge or skill you need to acquire, that realization of reality you must finally accept - just do it and you too may be a whole lot better for it. 

Make this a week for YOU where you call on your courage to tackle something that brings you the same rewards       

                   Quote for the Week

"Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others"
Robert Louis Stevenson
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