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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 1st March 2010

Beware the BOX! 

So often we come across people who want to be more successful, yet they persist in doing what they have always done. There is a myth that doing what you have always done will bring you what you always got. Well, it does that for a while, then a competitor develops a competitive advantage and your position deteriorates.  In their defence, people facing change use, "But it's different here!"

This happens in business, health, sport, and relationships. So much of what we do is habitual, what we are competent at (or think we are), comfortable with, not challenged by, are all things that make life easier. But the result may not be happier etc. So look outside your box  and look at what you could have or do. So long as it fits with your values, it's legal, it's not offensive, can you step into a new set of actions? 

Look ouside your box for new skills, new knowledge, new approaches, new actions, new skills, new strategies  and create new opportunities.  

                   Quote for the Week

"After you die, there will be plenty of time to be in a small box...
so why live in one while you're alive"
Robyn Sharma
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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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