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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 12th 2010

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Move with your market. 

When the market moves we must move with it. The lessons of 3 years ago are too easily forgotten when the market moves again. When the real estate market slowed dramatically in late 2007 many thought it would soon come right so the changes needed were slow to be implemented. Late 2009 the recovery was swift and now as we all know, short-lived. Many markets now need adjusting to the values of a year ago, but many of today's listings were priced when the recovery was looking good. Already we see those who have adapted; more auctions, tenders and price adjustments. We also see those who haven't adapted - auctions with NO bidders, in-rooms auctions with no sales on the day. The challenge is to adapt to a new level of activity, a new sales level and still procure the listing. The challenge is to meet this new market head-on. That's how you increase your market share.

Start by checking out the listings you have had for 40 days or more and reflect on what needs to be done to make a sale. The best chance to make a sale has already gone - we are now waiting for a buyer, not creating a sale. Auction programmes are now back to 4 weeks and any attempts to inflate values wiil extinguish the buyers. The boom was a "hype" market. This is the "TRUTH" market and new skills, dialogues and maintaining relationships with your sellers are essential.   

Look at all your property listings that are over 40 days on the market. Change something so they sell, terminate them or be prepared to just wait.  

     Quote for the Week

" It is a strange truth: you may one day find a particular thought you reacted against and ridiculed is now the very thought that is most precious and helpful."
Kerry Spackman in the Winners Bible


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