You do act alone

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You do act alone

Bill was a mid-level performer in a strong sales team of 21. His manager promoted the "we are a team" concept at every opportunity and Bill accepted that he and many colleagues profited from the motivation, training and resources of a strong manager/leader. He also accepted that some of his business came along because of the activity of the top performers in the office. Bill, had over years, invested in training, gone to conferences and embraced the team idea.

However, Bill couldn't see how he didn't achieve better like the stars. We audited his activity over a week, then a month, and as expected found a gap in his database, prospecting and personal promotion activity. Bill was avoiding the vital self-activity tasks that would be truly dollar productive. By acting in "team mentality" he was avoiding acting alone. We showed him that the top achievers were part of the team, on the same stage (in the same office) but they often gave solo performances. They acted alone at a faster pace, with more intensity and more skill. 

Acting alone is not anti team. It's a personal decision to excel within a set of acceptable protocols. It's a personal responsibility to decide your own level of success. Bill's success took a giant leap when he saw the freedom to choose to be better.  Embrace the freedom to be better, celebrate your own successes, however never forget the team that shares your stage. 

          Quote for the Week

  " It is easier to live life through someone else, than to become complete yourself"

Betty Friedan 

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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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