A real goal creates passion in your work

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A real goal creates passion in your work

Last week I had the great privilege of witnessing a live presentation by Li Cunxin, the real person in Mao's Last Dancer. His story was a real reminder that your best opportunity may come only once, when you don't expect it, and may not be about doing something you love doing in the beginning.

His background was in real poverty and by pure chance he was selected to attend the Chinese Ballet Academy. At first he hated ballet.

One day he realised he could help his much loved parents escape their poverty trap if he used ballet successfully. His goal was based on love, respect and the desire to repay their sacifices. To achieve this he had to be the best ballet dancer and as this was his ONLY opportunity, ballet suddenly become his focus. Because it could help him achieve this goal, he now loved ballet. The story ends successfully with this truly sincere goal achieved.

One of the lessons we can take from this tale is that if your goals are sincere and real you will have a greater passion for your work. If you are passionate about your work and focused, then your goals are working for you. If you need more love for your work, more focus, you may need to look at your goals and find some that will give you that boost.

Loving your work? You obviously love what it will bring you!

Not loving your work? Find a NEW goal that really means something to you. Remember too, that the next person you meet, the next phone call you receive, may just be the best opportunity you will ever be offered, so seize the moment with passion and energy.

            Quote for the Week

  "Why ask if the glass is half full or half empty? My glass is always FULL!"

James Tostevin

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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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