Beyond the Bullseye

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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 31st May 2010  

Beyond the Bullseye

I share time with so many people as my network grows and grows. Our network covers many markets and we hear some great stories, lessons and ideas. Some of the best stories come from the simplest ideas that make the lesson more memorable. Let me share one from this week.

The listings market in real estate is tighter and many are cranking up their prospecting to make sure they get any opportunities that may be coming up. We are told to focus on our patch, "Mine around your feet", work your "Acre of diamonds". These are your business BULLSEYES.

When sales numbers drop, one solution is to focus more intently on the bullseye and you increase your phone calls, follow-up and mailouts. Check though that the volume of sales in the bulllseye allows you to still achieve your goals as you will need to multiply your personal market share to maintain your income.

Note the bullseye is only in the middle of the target.

What business is beyond the bullseye but still on the target, that you could capture? Make sure you check where the business is and be in that space, because you may need a bigger net when the fish are more spread out.

            Quote for the Week

  "There is no security on this earth. There is only opportunity!"

General Douglas MacArthur

There are clear signs that in some markets listings are once again falling behind demand. You and your team need to WIN those listings. Two things apply here; Prospecting and Listing Presentation Skills.  Need a boost, need help? It may be time to invest in the training session that will help fix that for you. Go to or call me for more information on 021 968 108 or ask for samples by e-mailing me:

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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