Facts and Illusions

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Hi [name]  and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 7th June 2010  

Facts and Illusions

You can bless the media - always telling us and our clients what the market is doing weeks after we've done it. Predicting market direction based on one commentators press release. And our clients all read the parts they like and only those parts! 

Isn't it funny? Sellers want more than market value and are convinced their property is worth what they want and we go to work for them. Buyers want to pay less than value because they are convinced the market is heading south again and we write up their offers. In fact one or two may be trying to buy their second house before they have bought their first.

And you have spent all weekend in open homes where the gap between these two parties is stopping the sale. Joking aside, we have all got listings that in their current state of price, presentation and marketing will not sell. Having the most listings is only an illusion unless they are going to sell.

So which of your sellers in in delusion? Which buyer is in delusion? Which listing have you got that you are convinced is priced well, but still for sale. That's when we have to look at the numbers ourselves. Have some fun this week taking control of your listings and make some changes that will get them sold.  

             Quote for the Week

  "The facts may be against me, but all the illusions are on my side"

Jane Seabrook in Furry Logic

June and July Bonus offer; Thanks to those of you who have responded already to my June and July offer. Some of you were delightfully quick. Awesome! You know a great deal when you see one.
It is great to have the chance to offer a day at $1000+gst when the market is tougher than many thought and to give you and your colleagues a boost into winter. It is one way we can contribute to make sure your prospecting, listings, marketing and sales are strong through winter.
This offer will soon be subscribed so make sure you take action soon by calling me on
09 6277 222 or e mail ian@salescoach.co.nz and we can set a day aside for you. (Some conditions apply)

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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