Opportunity? It will require urgent action!

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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 28th June 2010  

Opportunity? It will require urgent action

The past week has been an exciting one with lots of real estate action, auctions under the hammer, clients winning new listings and their feedback with successes and frustrations. This market is testing many as in many towns there is a little softening and listings have become tight and harder to find. Several clients have talked about how they missed listings in recent weeks, not on fees, price or marketing recommendations, BUT SIMPLY THEY WERE TOO SLOW taking action when the opportunity came along.

Once again the playing conditions have changed. Yes it is still real estate, but when the market climate changes we have to change tactics or change our game plan. You must be quick to change these tactics too. Even a whisper of a potential new listing now becomes an item of urgent attention. Elevate hunting a listing to # 1 priority. Look out for, listen for, hunt for these listings with urgency and pounce at the first opportunity. Allocate time to plan this week to do more than you ever have, to secure that new listing. Then take IMMEDIATE ACTION. 


     Quote for the Week

  "You snooze, you lose?"


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