Do your bit - it's your job.

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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 19th July 2010  

Do your bit - it's your job

When you work with as many people as I do across many markets, you hear so many stories about who did or said what, about why someone is doing well and why you should or should not work with that person or that office. I have heard so much over the years, I am almost immune to it, even if the criticism is unfair. And too much of it is plain silly or dishonest. 

When the market changes and listings and sales are harder to secure, I find the drumbeats get louder and so many waste time watching, criticizing, and attacking opponents. What they should be doing, if they were serious about their own business, is watching what they do - getting on with their own business.

I have seen business won in recent weeks where the the client said, "You were the only one who did not run down your opposition to try and win the busiiness."  

The best way to win at the moment is to sharpen your skills, attack your attitude, increase your pace and hone your focus.  Sure the wins may be further apart, but they are there.

Your job is not to run everyone else's business, to complain or languish about the market. There is enough negativity without any of us contributing. We all know what we need to do and a majority know how to do it, so do your bit - positively! Respect your opposition. You never know, you might have to work with them one day. 

A tip: Look to your personal network for leads in this market. These are the best leads you can get, as you may be the only one who has that lead!    

Enjoy your week!

     Quote for the Week

"Let everyone sweep in front of their door and the whole world will be clean"

Mother Teresa

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