Emulation always brings more than chopping them down

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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 26th July 2010  

Emulation always brings more than chopping them down.

Just a week ago I had a call from a very top agent thanking me for my weekly observations. I get many e-mails and calls as I frequently seem to hit the mark with a real feel for what is happening in the market right now.  Such feedback is the fuel to make next week's thoughts relevant and provoking too.

His comments reflected mine. You work hard, work with skill, list well, get great marketing campaigns and make sales, yet in your office, others sit and blame the brand, the boss, the market and worst of all, the Tall Poppy.

We shared thoughts on the strength needed AND GAINED from seeing past their negativity and envy. He now rejoices in being seen as a tall poppy, feeds off the energy and focus it gives him and leaves the "choppers" to handle their own predicament. And good on him. You see the Tall Poppy is there because it grew taller, put down better business roots and frequently watered and fertilized its patch. They should not be chopped down. They should be respected, emulated and used as a guide. After all, being much taller they can see a lot further so perhaps their path leaves clues. We can't create Genetically Engineered salespeople, but we all have the chance to follow success clues and we should celebrate that freedom of choice, not "chop" those who have embraced it.      

      Quote for the Week

"The tall poppy might be your saving grace. They get more sun and and see further.

Follow them."


Have a truly awesome week.
Sales a bit slower? Listings harder to secure?
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