Popping in brings great leads

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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 2nd August July 2010  

Popping in brings great leads.

 Over recent weeks we have talked with many sales and business people who have all been asking about ways to get new business, new database and networking ideas. There are so many speakers out there talking about social media and how we must use these to interact with gen X and gen Y people.

In one session we discussed how in the "current" market most of our customers are still baby boomers.

Yes, there is no doubt we require a mechanism for communicating with gen X & Y and to make social media part of our business activity and marketing. There is also no doubt that we have to protect our current networking with our biggest transaction base today, the baby boomers. 

In recent days we have seen great success by using the "POP IN" strategy. This lacks any technology use, beyond finding a phone number and calling the contact. Recently you have been mailing out your newsletters, working your farm area and still listings are tight. So what could you do right now that might help? Well just pop in!

It works like this. You have an appointment to go and see a contact or client. Think for a moment, and ask yourself, "Who could I pop in and see on my way to that appointment and who could I pop in and see on the way back? Watch the leads come! Old fashioned it is, but so effective. Your contact will feel much more valued and more likely to provide a referred lead.

Have an awesome week, touching base with the contacts you value.   

      Quote for the Week

There is no short cut to any place worth going"

Beverley Sills

A South Island client has asked me to do a 3 day Induction Course (Many of the attendees in the past have been experienced sales people, managers and business owners), based on my Manuals in either Christchurch or Dunedin  in about 6-7 weeks time. To make it cost effective for them we would need another 12 people. The fee is $795 gst inc for 3 days and includes all the basics of prospecting, listings, exclusives, auctions, tenders, marketing, vendor servicing, working buyers, closing and negotiation. This is skill and scripts based and is suitable for those working in franchise and marketing groups as well as independents.  There is no time spent on brand history or systems. Just straight sales and listings tools that work. If you have any likely candidates let me know asap.

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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