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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 9th August July 2010  

Get serious too. 

In my travels and training programmes I hear many sales people talk about how they wish their clients would  "Just get serious." Yes, in  a challenging market we often have sellers who don't want to meet the market, who will only sell if they get $XXXXXXXX, won't take a cent less than $XXXXXXXXX and buyers who simply say, "We'll just wait." Frustrating for some.

In this market the only sales being made are where both seller and buyer got serious and did what was required to achieve a sale or make that purchase.

This happens when WE GET SERIOUS.

The exciting simplicity of this market is that the listings and sales are being secured by agents that got serious too. This is not a market for short-cuts or "fast deals". Anyone who has achieved greatly, at anything, always got serious in the beginning.

This is a market where we need to seriously apply what we already know has to be done. Like our clients, we also have to have motivation, listen to the market, be educated, respond to market feedback, market property to find buyers (you're not selling it to your vendors), take low offers on the chin and seek new listings and/or new buyers with creativity.

Smile and get serious about creating new business this week.   

      Quote for the Week

  "Christmas is coming and I don't know how to

get out of it's way"

The Turkey

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