Death of the Average

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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 9th August July 2010  

The death of the average. 

This market is testing many. Not just in real estate, but in many fields. Could this be the time where we have to take strong position in the market as to where we stand?

Retail is a classic indicator where 2 positions are clearly grabbing the market share whilst those dwelling in the old "middle ground" are really hurting.

The plethora of discount retailers, where the "lowest price" is the draw card indicates that in these times price is a strong attraction for customers. Great service and a great shopping experience are not important to these shoppers, nor do they expect it. The others that are winning are those where both the service and the shopping experience is awesome. Here they can charge a lot more as price is not the attraction.

Recent travel and holiday marketing is showing a similar trend.   Motor vehicle dealers are offering add ons to attract customers. The traditional stores seem to always be in sale mode. They simply can't make up their mind which way to go. CHEAP or SUPERB?

Is real estate looking at the same predicament? Will it too face a "successful discounter". This is the time to either adopt the strategies, skills, tools, ethos, culture, marketing standards, personnel standards and ethics of the very best, or we may leave ground for the potential "discounter". If we don't take the high ground, they may find easy  pickings one day soon.

In a more limited market, with more infomed clients, more competition for the business we may see the "death of the average". That leaves only 2 other choices - "cheap or superb"

So take a position and be superb at what you do.   

      Quote for the Week

  "These days the window of opportunity is more like a door that slams shut very quickly"

Jonar Nader

Have an awesome week

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