Write your advertisements for the buyers, not the vendors

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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 20th September 2010  

Write your advertisements for the BUYERS not your Vendors. 

 In a market where we are working at 50% of desired turnover (in 80% of the markets), attracting and then securing buyers who will make a buying decision can be a challenge. The first key to this is your marketing - the copy and photographs we use.

1. The copy is all too often written to make the property sound like a palace, to make it sound gorgeous and beautiful, and then when the buyer comes along it disappoints them. The copy pleased the vendor, but didn't attract a buyer. Why is it for sale, who is buying it (your target market) and what can they do there? Use that!

I have been helping many agents with their copy lately and we are getting buyers through. Especially with Auctions we have been getting buyers excited, holding them until auction day, coaching them and helping them see more value. 

2. Professional photography. I am a real fan of this, however we are seeing homes look so gorgeous on the internet and in the printed media, which is then not matched by the reality of an inspection by the buyer.They all too often expected more.

Choose pictures that show what I can DO or enjoy in that property. Getting my attention is the key, not using the picture the vendor likes. In some media over 50% of the main photographs include driveways and garage doors. This may attract a buyer who is motivated by knowing how they access the garage from the street! 

3. URGENCY. Get my attention without using "Must be sold" etc.  Be creative! This is where deadline sales such as Auction create a deadline and with no over-priced price tag, you are certain to get interest. Get interest first then build their sense of value and create competition. Your vendor may think you are trying to give their house away but explain you can't give it away. It only sells when they sign the contract. Don't keep them happy with unrealistic feedback. An unrealistic reserve price or asking price will send the buyers away no matter how good the marketing is.

4. Why is everyone using SUBURB as the main heading theses days? The ideal house for me might be across the road or around the corner, but alas not with the suburb name I want. Get my attention!

 A home needs to surprise buyers, to be better than the ,marketing suggested.

The exception? That truly unique and beautiful home that ego will buy! Tell your vendors you are writing an advertisement for the buyers. It's the buyers we need attention from when the marketing starts.

You can get compliments from your vendor when it sells!

        Quote for the Week

      "The first law in advertising is to avoid the concrete and cultivate the delightfully vague"

Bill Cosby 

 Have an awesome week.

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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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