Winning Bit by Bit.

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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 4th October 2010  

Winning Bit by Bit 

One of the joys of working with so many great people is seeing their breakthroughs and the joy and success it brings to them. The sharing of these moments, creates a sense of pleasure from what started out as effort. Let me explain.

Sally was not coping with the challenges of the market and as she became more and more stressed the list of jobs she had to tackle seemed to have a growth all of its own. Sally was short of listings inventory and had been reading about, and taking advice from all and sundry as to how she could prospect for, or target a new listing.

And so her list grew even longer.

When Sally came to me she quickly realised the solution. The list was not her list of things to do. It was a menu of opportunities.

Prospecting is not a feast, not a smorgasboard, not a buffet.

Like the chef in a fine restaurant, who prepares each dish, one at a time, prospecting was one portion at a time.

Sally decided on a 3 course meal: Database newsletter, target tired/expired listings and phone all her network. Sally tackled the challenges one at time, bit by bit.

Sally's breakthrough? She went from being "immobilised by over-load" to "enthusiastic with clarity". So Sally is no longer "stuck in stress". She is "succeeding by design".    

Take your week apart. Take your tasks apart. Decide what you really can do!

So look at your week. Make a tasks list and chunk it down to manageable bits.

Look at what improvements in skills you need. What bits can you improve on this week?

See my offer below where I have made an offer of two bits for a little bit.

           Quote for the Week

      "Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

Albert Einstein 

 Have an awesome week.

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