Clear skies

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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 1st November 2010  

Clear skies

Sometimes it takes the clarity of a child to unlock the fear, the concern, the stress.

In recent weeks we have experienced weather that clouded our skies, making days of grey.

In some places the market matched the weather, or the weather matched the market. 

In some real estate offices the mood was like the sky - grey.

In some people the mood was grey.

So grey, many could not see a bright day coming.

Well according to an 8 year old I heard today, bright days always come!

Adults at a child's 3rd birthday were talking and as usual the weather had it's turn.

"Isn't it great to see the sun!. What a great spell of weather we are enjoying!"

An eight year old spoke up and said, "See Dad. It's like I told you. When you were complaining about the weather a couple of weeks ago I told you the sun always comes back. See I am right!" 

The market is just like the weather. Every season has its turn!

So see the sun in every day, as despite the cloud it's there. Look up and it's there.

This I know. Everytime I fly, sometimes 20 times a month, when at cruise altitude I am always in the sun! 

Like homes that list and sell everyday. There is always a sale taking place.

The cloud is just a trick.

           Quote for the Week

      "In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."

Albert Camus (1913 - 1960)

Have an awesome week.

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