Commitment can be fun too!

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Hi [name]  and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 29th November 2010  

Commitment can be FUN too!

It is always a special time when on Sunday I sit down and reflect on the week, the people I have met, the situations I have witnessed and looked for the lessons there-in, to help add value to you and my week ahead..

Time and time again we talk of others successes, challenges and victories.

We often challenge you to be more committed, to dedicate yourself to those things that will bring you success. Today's message is a lot more personal and it's about commitment.

It's about true friendship and commitment - and the fun it can bring around you.

As you know I have a delightful partner Jacqui and  over the past 5 years we have built a relationship based on unconditional respect for each other and a commitment, that despite what shots go across our bow, whatever is thrown at us, we would steadfastly remain unconditionally committed to our cause: and what fun we have had so far.

Now for the next part: commitment in every sense.

In recent days we have decided to make our commitment total in every way, and we have become engaged to marry Dec 3 2011.  Jacqui  now proudly wears a lovely diamond ring.

What fun! See commitment can be fun!

Quote for the week 

"True FRIENDSHIP is always unconditional"

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