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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 24th January 2011  

Steer your course - yes, YOUR course!

Quote for the week

"If you fix your course upon a star, you will be be able to navigate any storm."

Leonardo Da Vinci

I was talking with 3 really successful sales people over the last week and we were sharings thoughts on the special ingredients of their success. 

Each of them was highly successful with over $400 000 personal earnings for the the last year. They were very open in sharing their ideas and they all had two very special attributes.

1. They were all generous with their ideas and time. (Generosity always returns in greater kind).

2. They all wanted to hear the other persons ideas. (Learning still)

After an hour or so they agreed on one one special attribute that they often found the hardest to manage and that was: "Staying true to their goals, their path, their beliefs, their principles and their business mindset whilst others tried to divert them."

They all had goals, aspirations and business plans. The hardest thing was being left alone to get on with it!  They all had learned how to manage this with some coaching and by learning to leave someone else's problem, as that person's problem.

Yes, no matter what your goals, your business direction, you will come across storms.Often storms sent to test you and your resolve.

Tall Popppy Syndrome? Professional envy? Professional jealousy? Ego? Clients who know better? Clients stirred by competitors? These are all storm clouds than can blow across your path.

These are to test your commitmentt, your beliefs and sometimes your spirit. If you lose focus and let others clouds blow you off course, you may lose your way.

Make sure your path remains clear to you. Stay sincere to your path and let the storms blow over.  

The stronger you stay on course the less storms you will come across.

In 2011, I too have some new ideas and ventures that will prosper during the year and its so easy to be motivated and excited when you have set a course where the target is as clear as a star in the night sky.

I know that I will have people try to distract me. Just like you will. So in 2011 let's set really clear goals, focus on a star in the night sky, plot an arrow straight course and the storms will pass over. Easy!

Have an awesome week.

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