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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 1st February 2011  

Check your VIEW!

Quote for the week

"The power is from within, but we cannot receive it unless we give it ."

Charles Hannel  (1866 -1949)

Yes we are a day later than normal this week. Thanks for the messages and calls to see if I was okay and to see if I was still sending these out. It was Auckland Anniversary Holiday yesterday so I enjoyed the day off too. 

This month I celebrate 30 years in real estate. I have learnt so much, met so many outstanding people and shared many fascinating experiences. I have experienced the highs and lows of a fascinating career, fluctuating markets and the variety of characters and their egos.

Over time, hopefully comes wisdom and on my journey I have tried to take the lessons, the good, that came from each of those experiences and so one of my new paths is my upcoming book. This week I would like to share a short excerpt.

"As Sam came close to the first camp site he had used four days ago, he was suprised to see Jack's tent there. At least he would have company tonight, after the last four days alone. Seeing Jack's tent caused him to reflect yet again on Jack's challenge to him those four days ago.

"As you wander, as you climb, keep an eye on the view. When you get to the top, sit a while, 24 hours at least and take in the view. When we meet again I'll ask you what you saw."

Sam thought of the valleys, streams, hilltops, campsites, night skys, sunsets and sunrises he had seen, the quiet times of solitude, the exertion of climbing, the sounds of the mountains at night, the wonders of the night sky, the risk crossing the scree slopes and thought he was ready for Jack's questions.

"Hi Sam." Jack was sitting smiling as Sam approached and lowered his pack. "How was that? What did you think?"

Sam knew there was more to this upcoming discussion than Jack was letting on so he quickly shared his first observation.

"In summary. The view from the valleys, from the ridges, in the early morning light, at sunset, in the middle of the night, were all part of a bigger picture. It was only when I sat on the top and stayed still, did I get the whole picture."  

"What did that mean to you?"

"Well I thought of things said about me, things I have said about others, things done to me and things I have done. I guess I feel so much was done from the valley floor, from one point of view. If I had gone to the top of the mountain first, I may have seen more of the effect and consequences of what was being done and said."

"Well," said Jack, "The greatest majority of pronouncments, comments and judgements about people and events are made from the valley floor, where the view suits their comfort. You see most won't face the fear of knowing the full story about anything. You are just starting on that journey. Just sitting awhile and taking in the view was a start. Most won't dare go there!" 

"So I have to lose the fear of my beliefs and understandings about people, things and events being challenged too?" 

"It's a good beginning. Now let's eat, then you can tell me what you really saw."

I wil share more soon...

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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