Words do count!

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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 14th February 2011  


Words do count!

Quote for the week

"The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue ."


I was working with a mentoring client a few days ago and we were discussing the power of words.

John was not big on scripts and dialogues. He was big on rapport and getting on with people and often told me that all these scripts and dialogues didn't work, never worked and because they liked him that would be enough.

Because of this John was sometimes in a situation where "bluff" and "she'll be right" were his answers to challenging questions. However, John was looking at his business deteriorate in his area whilst one or two new realtors were making great in-roads. Whilst he was frustrated with the market he was more frustrated that his "power in his patch" was being eroded.

After some serious delving John admitted that his new defence was to "run the opposition down", to joke about them.

John was finding that words said in jest, said in the heat of the moment, talking about competitors in bad light, be-littling them or contributing to rumours about them, was costing him respect and therefore business.

John agreed that the more he talked about them in that way the more people associated him with the behaviour.

John then decided to take a day or two to reflect, and in about 5 days he came back for another chat

He began with, "So when I talk about people with disrespect, I simply get that back, as people then wonder what I say about them behind their back?"

"You got it!"

John and I have created a new plan for him to capture some market share back and his initial focus is;

"What am I thinking? Is it useful?                What am I saying? Is it useful?"

I'll share more of John's plan as he progresses,

Have an awesome week, make it an awesome week.

Don't wait for the results. Make it an awesome week NOW!

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