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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 21st February 2011  


Lower the Drawbridge!

Quote for the week

"Live today. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Just today. Inhabit your moments. Don't rent them out tomorrow."

Terry Spinelli   (B. 1941)

One thing I love about what I do, is sharing time with innovators, great leaders, inspiring managers and champion salespeople.

These people have so much they can teach us and on Friday of last week I was chatting with the owner of a business that is thriving in this market. Yes less than 3300 sales in NZ last month, however this owner has lifted his game, lifted his team and lifted his sales and listings.

As we talked, we shared stories of past markets and how we had both innovated new ideas, lead change and prospered because of it. This business owner said he had long gone past, recruit, recruit, recruit, as his growth plan. Not more people, not more branches, but his focus was very specific; production! Efficient Production and really honouring clients.  

This market is certainly one that needs us to change how we operate and to create new ways of increasing market share in a smaller pool. Just being excellent at what we always did may no longer be enough.

We must be careful we don't retreat to our castles, lift the drawbridge, batten down the hatches, reduce all excess, cut, cut, cut! Once you retreat to your "safe-place" you risk isolation from new ideas and innovation.

Retreating and thinking that what we always did will see us through, if we just tough it out, is a huge risk. 

It may seem a risk to lower the drawbridge, but that is the only way you can go out and attack. Sure, you may need some new tools, some new strategies and some new skills. Yes let's use the time before we lower the drawbridge to prepare, but once we are prepared let's lower it and go on the attack.

What's the danger here? Going out and doing the same as before, that's the danger, because while you were locked up your competitors were innovating and now their tools outplay yours. So keep the drawbridge open, go and explore, collaborate and innovate. Then get to work.

Have an awesome week, make it an awesome week.

Don't wait for the results. Make it an awesome week NOW!




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