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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 21st March 2011  


Quote for the week

"The emotions must be called upon to give feeling to the thought so it will take form."

Charles Haanel (1866- 1949)

In this market I get calls on a daily basis from business owners and sales people who want to know how to increase their listings and sales. A perfectly normal question in a challenging market.

I also see people trying too hard as they worry and worry and worry and worry about their next listing and their next sale. This worry has them focused on how "bad" things are, how "hard" business is.

As we know, what you focus on, what you believe, what you tell yourself, eventually becomes your reality. 

These people are trying "too hard". Some call it the "Law of Opposite Effect." You try so hard you actually create the opposite of what you want, by focusing on what's wrong.

Michelle was stuck in this place about 3 weeks ago. Nothing was working, listing presentations were being lost, listings were appearing in her patch that she wasn't being invited into. It was truly, "Woe is me!"

After a little chat Michelle agreed to make these following changes and the difference is amazing:

She is grateful when potentially difficult sellers, list with someone else. She is grateful she does  not have to work with those people. She lets them down gently now, rather than in 90 days. Michelle smiles everytime she says that.

She knows her database newsletter has gone out and is doing its work.

She knows her farm area is being covered every week and this continual marketing is doing its work.

Michelle knows she has made all the follow-up calls she needed to. Michelle is grateful for the technology at her fingertips.

She knows her pre-listing kit is the best in town and is out doing its work too.

She knows her social media network is starting to work.

Michelle is grateful that all these things are working for her and she knows that when she does the work the results will come.

So Michelle is focused on things that will bring results rather than a lack of results.  In 3 weeks she has listed 5 and sold 2. She now truly believes, "Do the work and the results will come!" Anyone can do this! A little effort, a little focus, a little homework, a little belief and the results will come."

Have a truly awesome week!  

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