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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 11th April 2011  


Quote for the week

I have been working with a group of fresh realtors and helping them get their new careers launched. The fun bit is seeing them light up when one of the Prospecting Strategies they have been working on brings a genuine lead.

Over the past weeks they have all followed up leads only to find that a majority of these leads lacked genuine motivation, were never going to meet the market and in many cases wanted to tell these agents how to do their job.

 A lesson was learned for one of them when they listed a property where the seller dictated the terms. Despite ample market evidence they insisted on expecting 10% above market value, wanted no sign, no open homes and would not invest in any marketing.

The agent tolerated this situation for about 2 weeks and became very frustrated, especially when an early strong offer was rejected with some vehemence.

With some coaching, the agent has released this vendor. He used that great line: "Rather than letting you down in 90 days, I would rather let you down now. My focus is to build my reputation by working with sellers who value what I do, who will let me do my job with the tools I have at hand. In the circumstances I don't think you need a professional realtor!"

Strong words, but the lesson was great for the whole group. The agent has reduced their stress, gained time and most of all some self respect.

Don't let clients treat you as if you are not worth your fee.

Go for good business. Business where you can do your job properly.

Have you a seller who is best released? Give it a go! Hey, they might actually come into line and that's a win. If not, release them. Don't be intimadated, don't be treated as if you have no value. Go for good business.     

Have a truly awesome week!  

My FRESH FACE - FRESH STRATEGY Programme is already winning successes and last week several new licenses were purchased.

This is a programme that helps you manage not only the process of tracking all those listings that aren't selling, who need to be re-listed at 90 days, but profiles you as the expert and points to you as the logical choice of being their next agent,  as "A Fresh Face - a Fresh Strategy". It has some unique new tools never used in NZ before. Now that REAA has ruled on a complaint it is vital you have a programme, strategy and scripts & dialogues that maintain your professional reputation.

Only 70 agents in NZ will be able to use this programme

These restricted area products are always popular because of their strategic advantage in a particular area. 

Private Sellers Programme has now had its final edit and goes out to the first users this week. Once again only 70 users possible in NZ 

These will go quickly, so download an outline and booking form by clicking on: http://www.salescoach.co.nz

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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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