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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 18th April 2011  


Quote for the week

"You always shoot the tiger before the rabbit, even if there are a million rabbits"

I was sitting and talking with a real estate business owner the other day and she was listing out all goals and strategies she was working on with me. Some of these required several changes to her business, including a change in some personnel who were simply not producing or who  did not fit the style and quality of business she wanted to create.

 And some of these tasks were stressing her!

As we reviewed the tasks I asked her to circle the ONE task that stressed her the most.

In our discussions it became apparent that the stress created by this prospective task was causing enough disruption to prevent her effectively doing any of the others. We spent time coaching her through this task, agreeing it was NEXT and then got her commitment to do it first thing immediately our meeting was over.

I was to meet her again in 2 hours.

Her smile was worth the wait. "It's done!" she said.

We crossed it off the list and she said, "Now the rest looks pretty easy!"


Is there a tough call you have to make today or this week? Is there a client who needs a "tough" meeting? Is there a family member, partner, friend, colleague, boss, employee, etc who you need to have that "uncomfortable chat with?

Make your week positively effective by getting this off your list first and watch the rest of the week turn into "easy!"     

Have a truly awesome week!  

My FRESH FACE - FRESH STRATEGY Programme is already winning successes.

This is a programme that helps you manage not only the process of tracking all those listings that aren't selling, who need to be re-listed at 90 days, but profiles you as the expert and points to you as the logical choice of being their next agent,  as "A Fresh Face - a Fresh Strategy". It has some unique new tools never used in NZ before. Now that REAA has ruled on a complaint it is vital you have a programme, strategy and scripts & dialogues that maintain your professional reputation.

Only 70 agents in NZ will be able to use this programme

These restricted area products are always popular because of their strategic advantage in a particular area. 

Private Sellers Programme is now in action. Once again only 70 users possible in NZ and many areas are still available. 

These will go quickly, so download an outline and booking form by clicking on:

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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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