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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Tuesday  26th April 2011  


Quote for the week

"A great idea gains magnificence when implemented superbly"

I was talking with a client last week who had been a great performer in the past and who was now becoming increasingly frustrated at his poor results in this market.

"Some others seem to be doing okay," was Bruce's comment.

I was at Bruce's home, in his office, and behind Bruce was a bookcase full of motivational, business, inspiration and real estate books.

"I guarantee there is a solution in one of those," I said, nodding at the bookcase.

Bruce looked around and said, "I buy them all, read a bit, get an idea and try some of them. They never seem to work though so I go back to what I always did."

In our discussions Bruce made a list of some things he had tried once or twice.

He had tried a bit of databasing, dropped a few fliers in a farm area a few years ago, used a professional photographer three times, tried a couple of auctions, some tenders and didn't see the internet as much value iin marketing property.

"Bruce, not only are you simply stuck in the past, you have never implemented any of these ideas.You have just tampered with them!"

I meet a lot of salespeople and business owners who have the solution available to them, but they have never put the "great idea" into action with excellent implementation.

What great idea have you had or been given? Have you implemented it? This week look at the segments of your business that matter and see if there is one great idea you can IMPLEMENT EXCELLENTLY!

Database use.
Technolgy use - embrace your brand's technology platform
Farm or Focus area - actually do it!
Professional Photography
Pre-Listing Pack
Marketing Investment
Internet - embrace the new tools
Text Templates
Real Feedback.
Delete sellers who don't need your services
Get a PA
Business Plan
Get a Coach
Auctions or Tenders or Dead-line Sales or Fixed price
and so much more. Yes there is so much more, including attitude and leadership.
Make a difference now - take an idea and be proud of it!

Have an awesome week.

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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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