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Quote for the week

"Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right or better"
John Updike

When I started real estate in 1981 the first piece of advice given to me by my first boss was, "Never go to sleep on a deal." In those days everything was a general listing and you had no control. Trying that approach today often ends in "Toes dug in so deep the sale goes down the same ditch." 

In recent months we see sellers still anticipating above market reality and buyers thinking the market has plummetted. This sometimes makes getting a sale across the line a challenge. Have you tried letting them all sleep on it?

Let's look at an example. Your auction has been passed in. Your tenders are all a little way away from the vendors target, your last offer or counter-offer is still short of closing that sale.

Whilst each offer, tender or bid is educating the seller it often takes more than just a few minutes to get the sale signed off. When the time is right and you have got that new counter -offer with a small increase - "A touch of good faith" - let your buyer know as always it might be accepted immediately or the vendor just might want to sleep on it.

Now for the vendor: "I have an increased offer, not what you told me you wanted, you may not even like it. Can I ask you to do one thing? Only react immediately if you are going to accept it. If you want to counter-offer or reject it can I suggest we take a breather and you sleep on it?"

It's amazing how positions can change in a few hours or over-night!

Is there is risk you might lose the deal by waiting? You don't have a deal right now. Give clients the time to consider their position again in light of this latest "education" and assess their motivation. Always discuss the risks of waiting but good buyers who want this property at this level are tending to wait!  

Have an awesome week.

Had a great week with three sessions of "2 Hours for $20" last week in Whangarei, Auckland & Rotorua." So many changes coming, so get a head start and make sure you are fully prepared.

"Thank you so much for providing such a valuable and inspring seminar" Jan.

"Once again Ian you are right on the mark. I'm so motivated now, look out!" Darren

"You cut through the clutter and clarify the issues. Thank you again." Jo

"At last. What and how - given me a pathway now. Thanks." Bronwyn

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