Experience with UPDATES is a winning formula

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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 13th June 2011


Quote for the week

"Experience teaches only the teachable."
Aldos Huxley

As you have read, I have over recent weeks presented my popular 2 Hours for $20 sessions in several towns and will do so again this week. Last week I presented my 3 day course in Rotorua to a small but enthusiastic group.

What was most impressive was that 2 of the attendees each had over 25 years experience and one of them was 75 years of age. Not only was motivation a key for them, it was KNOWING how to use their considerable skill and experience to prosper in this market.  And believe me they do prosper. Thay came for a skills and strategies UPDATE!

Amazingly, in 72 hours since that course ended, their e-mail updates to me indicate immediate implementation of new ideas and strategies.

What an inspiration! They stand out from the majority of the real estate industry. Those who wait for the market to improve so they can improve.

These realtors said; "That's too late. Let's improve now!"

75 years old, 25+ years experience and enthusiastic to improve. Inspiring stuff!

No matter what your experience- invest in UPDATES and then implement!  
Have an awesome week.

Looking for those insights into how to GROW YOUR BUSINESS right now? At only $20 these sessions are proving so popular and you can still book today for this week..

THIS WEEK I AM IN WELLINGTON, NELSON, CHRISTCHURCH AND DUNEDIN with more sessions of my very popular 2 Hours for $20.

There is still time to book and secure a place at www.salescoach.co.nz  for

Wellington: 14th June - TRAVELODGE - GILMER TERRACE


Christchurch: 16th June  - BURNSIDE RUGBY CLUB, AVONHEAD RD

Dunedin: 17th June - MERCURE, Duke St 

Then next week, Tuesday 21st June, I am in New Plymouth with the same session

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