Balance or Excess?

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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 12th September 2011


Quote for the week

"I have learned you can't have everything and do everything at the same time"
Oprah Winfrey
The Rugby World Cup is here and was great to be part of Friday's events amongst so many happy people. So not much work done on Friday around Auckland!

Now we have a major Global Event taking place and the question for many is how do I fit it all in? Some of those I have spoken with have a conflict fitting all this in.

Consider  -  the next 100 days in real estate probably defines how good your year ends up. 

I know several fans who have taken a month off, booked for many games and this is their  time. NO WORK AT ALL FOR THEM! 

Good on them. They have a clear focus too!

Then there are those who have no interest in the event and they will focus totally on their business. This is their time. ALL WORK FOR THEM! Good on them. They have a clear focus too

Then there is the majority - committed to a bit of both! Yeah right!

Their plan is to ration their viewing to a pool, a selected group of teams or to carefully select specific games to view, many of which they have to record and watch later.

Until the Quarter Finals they accept they might know a result before they watch a replay, that they might miss an upset etc. They accept they need to focus on work and yet feel part of the event. I think they will be happy and productive if they stick to their TIMETABLE.

This could be a sensible balance!

Then there are those who have no plan or commitment either way.

They will muddle through the next six weeks as usual.

Make sure you have a plan and a focus for this period. You might be surpised how much of both you can achieve with a little plan, timetable and discipline!

 Have an awesome week at practicing balance and focus.

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