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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 19th September 2011


Quote for the week

"The level of thinking that got you to where you now are, will not get you to where you dream of doing"
  Albert Einstein
Time and time again I come across clients who appear stuck and they are looking for the "Magic Bullet". The one super effective idea or strategy that only they will have and it will be easy and so productive.
Bruce was one such agent. His business was really stuck. His propecting was minimal, his listings tired and his vendors uneducated as to real market value. His files contained no vendor feedback reports and he did not believe in vendor feedback meetings.  He certainly did not believe in Vendor Marketing  Investment and the idea of an Auction was just too much to consider.  Bruce has been in real estate 15 years and had been very successful about ten years ago. He no longer attended training and was a little grumpy.
It took about 90 days to change Bruce's business. We went with him to see two of his "grumpy vendors" and to Bruce's surprise they converted to auction and paid marketing upfront. They had more motivation than Bruce imagined. We then worked closely with Bruce, managing his buyer and vendor feedback. Bruce sold both these properties, one prior and one under the hammer. Bruce laughed when the second Auction SOLD. "I now see how it works and I just wish I had been more open to it years ago."
Mary was another whose business was languishing. Repeat and referral business had been her trade mark until about 4 years ago. Now it was almost non-existent. On investigation Mary confessed she had no database, had never done a newsletter, no longer did client gifts, pads or any personal promotion at all.  We set a plan for Mary to do a little research and we would build a database with her. This took about 3 weeks. We then mailed all these people a newsletter with a covering letter from Mary. All 312 of them. We worked with Mary to write the material and also her follow-up phone script. Yes Mary was committed to phoning them all ALL!
Here's the reseults"
1. Delete me from your list - 7
2. Please send your monthly newsletter - 289
3. We would like an Appraisal - 9.
4. Referrals to other parties - 4
5. Listings - 2
Mary now understands that her ignoring of this strategy has let other agents take her market. Mary is now determined to reclaim her market share and her database is the foundation of this plan. No longer will she ignore this tool.
Do an audit of your implemented tools and strategies. Is there something you are ignoring or avoiding?
What can you implement this week? 
Have an awesome week. 

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