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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 17th October 2011


Quote for the week

"The value of a referred lead is a thousand times greater than a COLD CALL"
Ian Keightley
So many people make contact looking for Listing Strategies and those unique ideas and dialogues that will make that "difference".
Some of those asking are experienced people too and when you drill down to their activity level, you often find they don't need "Listing Tools" at all.
They need a Prospecting Plan!
The fastest way to multiply your leads is to spend this week making a minimum of 20 calls, or contacts, a day to people who already know you or have met you. So no COLD CALLS.
  • Call back all open home visitors of the last 3 months.
  • Call back all appraisals of the last 6 months that have not listed with anyone yet.
  • Call everyone on your Buyer list.
  • Identify 20 people to "coffee" with this week. Past clients, mortgage broker, property manager, solicitor, accountant, business people etc.
  • Identify another 20-40 on your database that you can call and just check in with.
  • Meet a successful business person in your market place and ask them what their secret is. What a great person to get referrals from. See if they will meet with you again in 3 months or so.
  • Visit tradespeople and professionals you use and "chat" about business and leave them some cards.
  • Visit all past buyers and vendors (within reach). Check they are well, their families are well , discuss the market and give them some cards too. 
  • Simply remind all these people that you are in the business.
  • You want to be the person they refer family, friends and colleagues to!
Now that's a busy week. I guarantee it will be dollar productive.
My 70 Day Challenge - The Turkey Run - with the $200 voucher closes tomorrow @ 8pm. See more at:
  Have a happy and awesome week, adopting a "useful change" or repeating successful strategies and loving your work.

Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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