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Hi [NAME]  and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 28th  November 2011 


Quote for the week

"Political correctness does us no good.
It just shuts us up!"

Sometimes buyers feel they have the power though there is a feeling in the market that this is changing.

Good listings, well marketed, well presented and well priced have multiple interest and are selling fast and for good prices.

What can you do when nobody is showing any strong interest and buyers are walking away?

They indicate they have no interest. They tell you it's too expensive for what it is. "Not at this price," or "No we wont be coming to the auction."

For an example, let's assume a value or price of $300 000

I assume you have asked:

"So what would you pay?" "We aren't really interested."

"Not even $290 000?'   "No, thanks."

Ask another question;

"How would you feel if I rang you in a few days and told you it sold for $280 000?"

(Try different price ranges to see if you get a reaction) 

If you get no response from any buyers then you KNOW the price is definitely too high.

Remember that whilst the property has a value, you have done an appraisal and the vendor has an expectation, it may all mean nothing if the vendor has very strong motivation to sell or the buyers compete to own the property. Yes value is important but the certainty of a result can do strange things to the final selling price. 


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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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