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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday  23rd January 2012 


Quote for the week

" I always wanted to be somebody but I should have been more specific."

Lily Tomlin - American Comedian

Over the past week or so we have people returning to work bit by bit, some in real work mode, some sort of in work mode and some just turning up to show their face because they think their boss expects it, or they are afraid they might miss an opportunity.

The early results are clearly coming from those who are truly in work mode.

As you come back to work in 2012 take a moment to CLEAR THE CLUTTER!

To make a difference to your business in 2012 resolve to adopt a "Let's make room for more new business."

Some ideas that may help this:

1. Clear your desk of "stuff" that is just "stuff". Leave room on your desk for new Listings and sales. It is amazing what happens when you make room - make space.

2. Terminate Listings that waste your time.

3. Avoid the part-timers who still want to play golf or go fishing!

4. Get all that Old-filing done.    

5. Book a new course or coaching session - get serious.

6. Get school uniforms and stationery sorted.  Yes if you have responsibilities with children, take care of these without feeling guilty about not being at work. These are priorities. Then when you start work properly you won't feel guilty about being at work.

7. What can you delegate? $15 an hour jobs? Do it!

8. If the office has a great technology system - adopt it - embrace it. Don't waste time replicating or re-inventing.

9. Once you have your desk clear and your goals/vision board on show - you can now start work without distraction.


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This is in Auckland March 5-6-7. Ideal for beginners and experienced people this is 3 days of WHAT to do and HOW to to do it : Prospect, List, Market, Educate and Sell.

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Looking for Prospecting and Listing Listings ideas?

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