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Quote for the week

" The old adage, "My way, or the highway," is a rejection of our diversity."

Ian Keightley

Yesterday was Waitangi Day in New Zealand where we celebrate our cultural diversity.

I was observing and thinking of some previous professional dictum and brand dictates. "This is how we do it around here!"

Seeing so much diversity, both culturally and educationally, this dictate now relates to ethics and values: "This is how we are, this is what we stand for, this is what we value. These are things you can rely on us for."

Going to see clients with one aim, with one proposal, one preferred option, will not see you win in such diversity.

Adaption and acceptance are a valued strategy. 

But always retain the CHOICE to walk away if the demands of winning the business strip you of your professional standards. ALWAYS!

 Always be ready to cope with our diversity.


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