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Hi  [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Tuesday 10th April 2012 


Quote for the week

" Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from indomitable will."

Mahatma Ghandhi.

Today I am reflecting on some lessons  I have witnessed over recent weeks as agents stuck in the "Old Ways" seek to compete with those who have adopted the opportunities the new real estate environment offers.

1. The first principle that many agents have not yet considered is "The internet is not brand preferential." It answers the clients and customers questions. 

2. Real buyers don't care who has the property listed. They haven't done so since the internet became their first port of call. Intelligent sellers understand this principle very well. 

3. "We are bigger, have more agents so we have more buyers" is simply an empty statement. The right marketing will bring the buyers no matter who has it listed, if the price is right. Sellers understand this principle too.

4. "Distance is dead." Agents who persist in ringing past appraisals who listed with a competitor saying how disappointed they were the client listed with an "out of zone" agent has the client laughing at them. These agents have no respect for the vendor's decision, don't respect the vendor/agent relationship and simply don't understand how real estate is progressing, when these relationships are built on respect, trust, repeat and referral business.  Then when the sold sign goes up, they are silent. (yes this is still happening and some agents appear to be specifically targetted.)

5. The vendors actually get it. So agents who persist in ringing competitor exclusives/auctions and who even leave a hand written business card stating how sorry they were to miss the vendor as they have a buyer, are seen in very poor light by the vendor they are trying to attract. Who is supervising these sales people? The vendor enjoys listening to the phone call from their listing agent to this interferring agent - on speaker phone of course. It's a real hoot.

6. They actually leave a trail. It is as though some agents don't actually care. One champion agent actually writes to competitors sole agencies stating his "Innovative marketing" may do a better job. On letterhead and signed! 

Each of us has to consider how we want to conduct our business! Nothing is secret anymore.

Do great business this week - respect your clients decisions, respect competitors who deserve respect and when talking to your clients consider this:

"If this agent talks about their compepitors like this, what might they say about me behind my back?"

Have a wonderful week being a productive and focused realtor. Walk tall and gift smiles where-ever you go.     

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