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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Tuesday 5th June 2012


Quote for the week

"The truth is a wonderful place. Know it's true, deliver it appropriately and you must let the receiver handle their reaction. Think you have no control? Well, you have a lot more than if you had not told the truth!"

Ian Keightley

In recent days I have again witnessed licensee real estate salespeople not grasping at all what the internet has done for them. It's time to educate them and their clients as to what is happening when their property is marketed.

Despite market evidence to the contrary, many sellers expect and want more. Some realtors still take these sellers on.

All too often, some realtors agree and enthusiastically suggest a sale price above market evidence. And it is these realtors who are always back within two or three weeks (sometimes with their managers) telling their client that the client is over-priced. And who over-priced it?

This happens all too often! It lacks authenticity and their clients eventually work it out.

However there is a lesson for all in another issue: Each day have you and your client check the number of internet hits and align that with enquiries and inspections. Just last week I was setting  a reserve price with a seller who lamented the lack of feedback because of a lack of inspections. 

"Inspections?, I asked. "How many hits on the internet?"

"1500 hits!"

"And only 7 came through. I think that is feedback. The reality is not many people are interested!"

Of course this was the first time this seller was made to assess their property in light of feedback.  Next time you have a property price reduction and you are listed with an asking price, educate your seller to watch the "hits" each day.

Hits and no inspections = priced too high. Who needs an open home to decide that?

This is confirmed time and time again. Reduce it $10 000 more, still no inpsections. And again, still no inpections.

Finally $10 000  more and in they flood = multiple offers. So why wait weeks to educate your sellers? Costs them time and emotional energy. Costs you time and credibility.

So speed up your feedback!

 Have a wonderful week  - be generous with your smiles and time.


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