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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 25th June 2012


Quote for the week

 " The more GENUINE compliments YOU pay, the more YOU will get back."

Ian Keightley  

We were out at a local restaurant/bar and saw many families out to dinner.

Family restaurants are fraught with risk. Screaming kids running riot as parents ignore them or the other end of the scale; parents who have their children under control through fear and threat.

Today we saw a delightful family out dining. Mum and Dad relaxed and enjoying their meal. Two children eating their's and then moving about, free to explore, non-invasive, non-rowdy, no panic from parents, no excess noise or jumping about. Just free to enjoy, perhaps knowing their limits.

I was thinking that the parents trusted their kids and the kids trusted their parents.

As they left, we called the parents over and their children followed. We told them how it was great to see them out for dinner with great children. They were free to move about, no angst from relaxed parents and that made the kids relaxed. ALL THEIR SMILES were great to see.

I find that works with clients too. They are free to be themselves. We must UNCONDITIONALLY allow them to have their point of view. Sellers can have THEIR price, their thoughts about how and when it all happens.

We must however, retain the right to walk away when professionally it is untenable to represent a value so far above market that we are wasting our time.

I compliment unconditionally every agent who has that courage.  

Have a wonderful week  - be generous with your smiles and time.


I am running small group sessions in Auckland and Tauranga for those who need an alternative date because of holidays or illness.

Each session is approx 5 hours and session one covers topics 1-4 and session 2 covers Topics 5-8. Fee is $149+gst for all 8 topics.

Next sessions are:

Wednesday July 25th and Wednesday August 22nd

TAURANGA: Session 2 Topics 5-8 August 7th

We will facilitate in other centres with a minimum of 15 registrations.

NON-VERIFIABLE OPTIONS.  I am about to set some dates for 3 hour sessions of NON-Verifiable training in several venues:




Palmerston North





This will include latest prospecting and listing presentation ideas, marketing and Closing that sale.

Fee: $149 incl gst. This will be a once only option for 2012. So when dates come in next week book early. Your town not on the list? Grab 20 others and I will come to you at my cost!!!!!!! 

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