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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 9th July 2012


Quote for the week

 " You get 10 real estate agents in a room, you get 15 opinions."

Ian Keightley 

When the market is moving at pace, like it is in some markets, there is a need to keep control and SLOW things down.

I look at the Professional Conduct and Client Care Rules, especially 6.1 and 6.2 and then reflect on how some properties are selling to the first buyer to inspect without exposure to the market to see if there is more money for the vendor (Client) and more buyers (Customers) who need to be offered the opportunity.

I strongly feel that we need to control when and how properties are offered for inspection and how we must treat buyers fairly whilst looking after our client's best interest.

You must know your next well presented listing will attract multiple interest in the first few days!

You have confidence it is going to sell!

So why sell it to the first buyer? Why list it with a price?

Your duty is to give your vendor undivided loyalty and to be fair to all interested parties.

So why not have a very clear process?

Prepare the property first.

Do your due diligence on the property so your are certain of your facts, or certain you don't know, so you can disclose you don't know.

Then professional photography.

Prepare your marketing?

Educate your fellow licensees about the property.

Clearly define when the property is available for your colleagues to show to their buyers (Always after the marketing launches).

Launch on the internet and clearly announce when first viewing is available. There is NO need for you to make multiple visits pre the stated first viewing times. Done this way your vendor will have the property looking at its best too.

Erect the signboard.

Release any print media with first viewing times clearly stated.

Be fully prepared with ALL documentation!

Now buyers can have access at the stated viewing times.

No buyer has preference! All buyers are treated equally.

Do not let your colleagues dictate when the viewing begins!

Not even the Listing Agent has preference for their existing buyers.

ALL BUYERS have an equal opportunity.

That's why I love Auctions (and/or Tenders). Get an acceptable offer and bring the auction forward or run a 2 week campaign stating it will not sell prior!

Sell the property for the asking price to the first buyer to inspect before you do any marketing? The only person who should be happy with this is the buyer. Re-read Rule 6.1!

However, with such a short campaign you must have everything totally organised before you launch the property to the market.

Give all buyers a fair go and your clients the best opportunity for the best price. 

List the Property.

Research the property.

Market the Property.

List another property.

Now sell the property!

Have a truly awesome week. Share your smile where-ever you go!

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