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Hi [name] and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 6th July 2012

Quote for the week

"If you can't be funny, be interesting."

     Harold Ross 

As you know I call many auctions and this month looks like about 50 on-site again.

Sometimes you have an experience that makes you laugh and other times, one that makes you just wonder what some licensees think they are doing.

Let's look at the funny one first:

Big auction, 50 people, 3 bidders, great licensees marketing the property. 

At $1.4M it all got a bit serious and I made several referrals to the vendor and left the room each time.

One of the licensees said to the bidder, "Look you'll have to give me some more money before he comes back!"

And the buyer said, "What, has he gone to the toilet again?"

Oh we take ourselves all a bit seriously and assume they know what is happening. Still laughing  over this one!

Then there is the not so funny Auction.

Another top realtor with an awesome auction.

Four bidders, 40 people, including 3 or 4 salespeople from another brand, all with names badges on and mingling with the crowd.

We sell $1000's over the reserve. Then what do we see?

One of those intruding agents handing his business card to the under-bidders whilst still in the vendors property. When asked to leave he hesitated. Only briefly might I say as I stressed my point very strongly again.

What he doesn't know about is all the subsequent discussion amongst the public who had witnessed his behavior, about how unethical they thought he was.

They all commented on the brand he represented too.

When will they learn? It's great to laugh at ourselves sometimes and to know we can be proud of how we conduct our business, whilst others simply don't get how to be proud. They will do business at any cost. For me? I prefer the funny story.      

Have a great week and share those smiles!

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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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