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Hi [name]  and welcome to my Weekly Insight for Monday 20th August 2012

Quote for the week

"Having faith in what you expect, always delivers, so it is absolutely awesome that we choose carefully what we expect, because that's what we get!"

     Ian Keightley 


In recent weeks I have worked with many agents who are keen for new listings in this competitive market.

Their self-talk was fascinating. "I have no listings"

"This is a hard market for listings."

"I really need new listings right now because I have none left!"

"This is a tough market!" etc

In each case they were expecting it to be tough, to be difficult, to achieve little. Their thinking was helping create what they expected. And in each case they achieved what they expected!

In many other cases, I have clients who started in the same predicament, who after some fun counselling changed their expectations, and within days their results changed. Wow! Yes! Improved within days!

The key was to change their self-talk, their expectations and belief (faith) in their ability, the market and their database.

Don't listen to your office talk which says we are short of listings. There are plenty of listings. There must be as there are lots of sales!

So change your self-talk!

"My next listing is coming now! THANK YOU!"

How will you feel when you list a great new "seller"? Get that feeling now! I am sure some of you will struggle with this concept. Let me tell you it works! And fast! Want help? Just ask?

I am touring NZ next few weeks with 3 hour Non-Verifiable Session. Watch for dates coming soon as this is my only NZ tour in 2012.

Palmerston North Verifiable. I have a few places on this special 2 day session. $149+gst each.  September 13th and 14th

Have a great week and share those smiles!

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Posted: Sunday 22 April 2018

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